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After a three weeks break, the schools finally open today the 6th of May. The good news is that during the break, our educator managed to mark all the exams the children did as part of the environmental education program. Their overall performance was very much encouraging, over three quarters of the participating children scored way past the pass mark. We also have three students who got 100%! They got all the questions right… For that the entire Fanya Mambo Crew is a very happy and motivated lot.
Fanya Mambo - Nairobi, Kenya
Tobias the construction team leader gives lucas some basic tips…

Sometime during this first week of the second school term, our educator with the assistance of three arts teachers at the school will have to decide which drawing among the many creative drawings the children did is the best from each class. The children were engaged in a drawing competition on which they were to draw and color a picture of their choice! The only rule was that it had to be about plastic pollution and its effect on the environment and human health. From the ones I have had the opportunity to have a look at; I must say that it’s going to be difficult deciding which one is the best as most of them are simply amazing!!

Lastly, today we are going to meet the teacher in charge of the Children Recycling Plastics Program to fast track the eco-blocks production so as to enable us continue the construction of the table/bench ensembles. As the days roll by, we will keep you posted on all new developments!

You can also follow our progress closely through the link below.

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