Support Fanya Mambo Foundation

Donate NowFor Fanya Mambo Foundation, gifts of any size make a very big difference and are vital to our work’s success. To get an idea of how far your gift will go in Kenya, consider the following:

  • $10 buys stationery for 5 students or trainees
  • $15 buys a bag of cement and pays for its transportation costs
  • $20 pays for a week’s transport costs for a local laborer
  • $40 pays for a laborer’s salary for a week
  • $75 buys two trainees overalls
  • $100 buys a complete set of important tools (hoe, shovel, mattock, machete, rake and an axe)
  • $200 purchases a 10 ton truck load of sand and pays for its transportation cost
  • $500 purchases gravel for the foundation of a dormitory
  • $1000 pays for all the construction materials for a composting toilet
  • $5000 pays for the excavation of at least five fish ponds

Fanya Mambo Foundation is committed to keeping administrative costs to a minimum.  This ensures that your contribution goes toward construction materials, tools, and wages for our local laborers.

If you would like to donate to a specific project or to purchase a specific item, contact us to specify any stipulations related to your gift. Fanya Mambo staff can even send you a picture of your money being put to use.

Donate Now!
If you’d like to donate something other than money, here are some other things that would be very useful for us:

Satellite Internet
Hand tools
Construction work materials
Video cameras and voice recorders
Computers for the staff and trainees
Stationery for staff members and trainees
Cement mixers

Stabilized soil bricks press machine
Submersible water pumps
Water pumps
Kitchen ware
Office and guest room furniture
Your time and talents

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