Volunteer With Fanya Mambo

We realize that when you embark on a long journey and want to reach your destination safely, take as many people as possible with you. Without so many people helping with transport, labor, administration, and marketing for the organization, Fanya Mambo foundation cannot do what it does. Fanya Mambo accepts donations in the form of funds, goods, materials or your time and expertise if you would like to volunteer.

Fanya Mambo wishes to thanks all those who have so far contributed their time, expertise and finances towards our projects. Your support has been and continues to be essential for achieving our goals.

Join Us

Fanya Mambo Foundation needs help from people just like you! We accept volunteers throughout the year for periods of two weeks to three months via our Volunteer and Internship Program. Individuals or groups are welcome.

For the volunteer program, it is best to plan your time with us in advance. Our application process is crucial to giving you the best possible experience in Kenya.

Our volunteer activities cover a wide spectrum: digging soil, plastering walls, designing work, engineering services, agricultural services and many more. We accept volunteers with a variety of skill sets and proficiencies. Volunteers should come prepared to work hard (8 am to 4pm, Mon-Fri and 7am to Midday Sat.), contribute to a project that changes a community, meet people who share the same passion with you, and learn to understand a new culture.

Whether you are coming alone, with a friend or friends, or in a group, please take time to read our Volunteer manual (link for downloadable manual) carefully to understand what living and volunteering with Fanya Mambo in Kenya will be like. The manual provides detailed information about the volunteering program including travel, food, accommodation options and other important matters. Reading the manual is important and all volunteers are required to do so prior to arrival on site.

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance before coming to Kenya. This will financially protect you in the unlikely event you are injured during your time here.

Program Details

By joining us through volunteering, you will also be supporting our work financially. The Fanya Mambo Volunteer and Internship Program charges a small facilitation fee in order to cover the cost of hosting volunteers and generate income for our projects.

The Fee is an extremely important part of our income stream as it helps sustain Fanya Mambo and pay for materials and labor costs of our projects. Volunteers’ sharing their resources with the Fanya Mambo communities makes our projects a reality. We encourage all our volunteers to help raise money for our projects whether through grant writing, hosting fundraising events, and/or soliciting donations from friends and family.

This is a particularly cost-effective volunteer experience. Approximately 25% of the program fee covers the cost of housing you: rent, cleaning, some cooking supplies, drinking water, house laundry, limited internet access and on-site support and training. The remaining 75% of the program fees goes directly into our projects to help cover the cost of project materials and to pay the salaries of our Kenyan and Mzungu crew.

Volunteers significantly contribute to our projects by showing up to work and we greatly value the opportunity to work with different people who infuse our organization and projects with a range of skill sets and knowledge.  The program provides a priceless experience with opportunities to learn the benefits and challenges of development work by working side by side with our Kenyan partners and staff.

We hope that through our program, volunteers will learn how to become innovative leaders in their communities and throughout the world. If you wish to join us by volunteering your time and expertise through this program to support our projects, take time to read our volunteer manual here; (link for downloadable manual)


To volunteer with us fill and submit the application form here; (link for downloadable and online application form)


After your application has been approved, please make the non-refundable deposit to secure your space. By submitting your deposit you are reserving your spot with Fanya Mambo for the dates that you indicate. This allows us to anticipate how many volunteers we will have on site at any given time and also gives you the security of knowing that we are holding a spot for you.

Off-Site Volunteers

Fanya Mambo is looking for the following part-time volunteers:

GRAPHIC DESIGNER – Should be fluent in Photoshop and illustrator. You would be helping us create info-graphics, event posters, PowerPoint presentations, and retouch photos.

VIDEO EDITOR – should be fluent in video production and editing. You will edit our videos to be used to show the world what we are doing.

WORDPRESS DEVELOPER – You’d be helping us grow and edit our website as needed.

PROPOSAL AND GRANT WRITER – You would be helping us in writing proposals or grants and working out other fundraising ideas.

If you’re interested in helping out in any of these ways, please take time to apply here.

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