The Fanya Mambo “Old Trafford” Eating Place


As one of our income generating activities, we have embarked on the construction of a unique eatery in Nairobi’s Buruburu Estate Phase two. In line with our commitment to green construction methods,Parts of the wall and the furniture in this structure are to be made out of Eco-blocks. Not to mention that we will strive to avoid using charcoal and other unsustainable sources of energy once we are up and running!!

In the meantime we have already constructed the steel framework of the structure and also, the roof is already up. We are now collecting used plastic bottles and trash for making Eco-blocks that are to build the furnitures and parts of the wall. Hopefully in six weeks time, we shall be done with the construction part of the project and will be ready to open our doors to the public.

So keep your heads up and pass the word around!  we will keep on keeping you posted as we keep going!Fanya Mambo - Nairobi, KenyaFanya Mambo - Nairobi, KenyaFanya Mambo - Nairobi, Kenya

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