Mizizi Mashinani is a Swahili phrase that simply means “Roots at the grassroots level”. It is in the spirit alongside Fanya Mambo Foundation’s motto of “Everyone can do it!”, that we roll out to you a unique, one of a kind initiative by the people, for the people, at the grassroots level! MIZIZI MASHINANI!

Where we come from, it is said that the way to get a shilling is by shining another on it. What this means is that money is more likely to be made by someone who already has some. Sadly, in a country where about half the population is poor, this means that there are about 20 million people who don’t have a realistic chance of improving their financial health. This is because they do not have the shilling they need to attract another. The Mizizi Mashinani Initiative aims to attract this much needed shilling through music & other artistic events at the grassroots level.

Historically, music has continually been used to raise awareness and support worthwhile projects around the world. Fanya Mambo Foundation is using Mizizi Mashinani as a medium through which to attract attention to serious issues facing Kenyan and African youths at large. More than 70% of the funds raised goes towards supporting the works of Fanya Mambo Foundation and other Mizizi Mashinani affiliated, small local organizations.

The event is a monthly affair that will be featuring Top-name local guest artists, hosted by Junior Dread from Kenya’s National Broadcaster( K.B.C), working hand in hand with Ranking Kissinger from Kenya’s Radio Jambo and the Fanya Mambo Crew. The premier event in a series of a minimum six, will take place on Sunday 10th August 2014 at a local pub and restaurant called Sailors Place Marish in the Eastland side of Nairobi, Kenya.

Fanya Mambo, through Mizizi Mashinani is now already affiliated to Pamoja Tujenge Youth Group, (a small garbage collection youth group from the area), the Sailors Place Marish, (a small local pub and restaurant) and Backyard Boogie ( a small youth group dealing with event venues decor! from the Eastland part of Nairobi).

We welcome local and international organizations, Youth Groups, Events Venues, Artists and individuals of goodwill  to join us as we embark on this one of a kind journey.

Just like one great man called H.I.M. EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I, once said while in Germany in October 6th 1963… “The hungry may be fed, the naked clothed, the ignorant instructed, this must be seized on and exploited, for the flower of peace is not sustained by poverty and want. To achieve this requires courage and confidence. The courage, i believe, we poses. The confidence must be created, and to create confidence we must act courageously.” Come join us! Lets make this initiative a success! Act courageously!!!

There are so many ways through which you can be of the much needed help… You can tell a friend or two about our forthcoming events, share this post on your social media sites, make a donation towards our cause, help design our fundraising t-shirts or posters, perform at the events, provide a venue! … No matter  what you do or how you do it, any helping hand is highly appreciated!!

Thanks and Cheers ~~~

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