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Fanya Mambo - Nairobi, KenyaWorking together with three local waste management youth groups, participating school children and other community members, we conducted a community clean-up exercise around the entire Maringo Estate on Saturday the 6th of April. Even though some of the invited guests did not show up, we are grateful for those who did! We are especially thankful to the Nairobi City Council’s cleansing department for providing most of the tools we used that day.

Fanya Mambo - Nairobi, KenyaTo our friends at House of Manji, we send special thanks for donating 5 boxes of biscuits for the participants. We cannot forget individuals like Patrick, a local political and business leader for his participation and donation of 1 bag of cement towards the project; Someone like Joseph for volunteering to drive the garbage truck and lastly, thumbs up to all the people who left their everyday jobs to give us a helping hand… without them this exercise could not have succeeded… Even though the participants were very grateful for the education they received on plastic pollution and its effects on both humans and the environment, Fanya Mambo team members are equally grateful to them for their input.

Fanya Mambo - Nairobi, KenyaBy that day, the school children had already started producing Eco-blocks (used plastic bottles stuffed with used plastic bags) for the construction of the heavy-duty 20 sitter table/bench ensembles that they will be using while eating their lunches up from the dusty ground and while undertaking private studies… The construction work commenced on the same day and is now ongoing… with the schools set to officially close on Friday the 12th; increased production of the Eco-blocks is evident now more than ever as everyone is trying hard to meet the set target before closing day. This way the construction team will have completed the construction work by the time schools reopen.

In the meantime as we proceed with the program, remain tuned for more updates and remember to follow us via this blog and invite friends too! Also if you are yet to like our social media pages, feel free to do it via these links and share with friends too.

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