2012 Into 2013

Sailing through the past year, a year that brought with it calamities of unimaginable magnitudes in Kenya like the prolonged severe drought, the strange disease outbreaks that affected both humans and food crops as well and the unexpected flooding that displaced thousands from their homes recently, we find solace and hope through all the positive things that the year 2012 had for Fanya Mambo Foundation.

Thanks to your unending support, one of our proposed projects – The Children Recycling Plastics Program, finally attained its fundraising target on the 1%CLUB crowd-funding platform. Plans are now underway to start rolling out the program on the 14th of January. We are pleased to announce that we will be replicating this type of project in Lamu too. Working closely with our close friend Mary Stone  and the local Lamu community, we plan to train people on the dangers caused by lack of proper garbage disposal and the possibilities of transforming common wastes into useful structures plus initiating hands-on Eco-friendly construction skills training to community members.

We are also very pleased to announce that construction of a website for Fanya Mambo is currently underway, thanks to our good friend Rachael Kay Albers  hopefully, it will be up by the end of this month.

Just like one of my favorite columnists with a local daily – Carol Mandi, puts it ” We are not responsible for everything around us, but we are responsible for a whole lot more than we own up to. responsibility is a heavy weight but it only becomes a burden when we resent it. it is so much easier to look for what is wrong with life and then find an appropriate scapegoat. but nothing changes until we say I am responsible. For my life, my health, my well-being and happiness, I. AM. RESPONSIBLE!” we have decided to act like our name “Fanya Mambo” which means “Do Things” in Swahili suggests. In April, we will embark on the creation of the proposed PILOT FANYA MAMBO CENTER ( a center for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Eco-friendly construction, Arts, Crafts and Appropriate Technologies training.) in Siaya County of Nyanza Province, Kenya.

We have already acquired an 8 acre piece of land and are currently seeking out for other interested people or organizations to partner with as we embark on this noble initiative. Fundraising for this project is also currently underway. More information on this proposed project will be available on our soon to come website.

On behalf of the entire Fanya Mambo team, i take this opportunity to say special “THANK YOU” to our good friend Rachael Kay for all the support she has been directing towards Fanya Mambo. I also thank Mary Stone and her family for giving us the opportunity to introduce Eco-bricks ( used plastic bottles stuffed with used plastic bags) construction technique in Lamu. lastly, i thank you all for the never ending support you have always directed towards our initiatives. Without your support, we can never do what we do. Like it is said ” Together we stand, divided we fall!” Keep standing with us this year too!!

As you sail through this year, i encourage you to always remember this words from one of the most amazing persons to ever pass through this world called Mother Teresa – ” People are often unreasonable and self-centered, forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people might accuse you of ulterior motives, be kind anyway. If you are honest, people might cheat you, be honest anyway, If you find happiness people might be jealous, be happy anyway. The good yo do today may be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough,  give your best anyway, for you see, in the end its between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway!” Let this words guide us through 2013!! Thanks!

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